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04/08/23Say Goodbye to Dry Eye Misery

Dry eyes are not just uncomfortable. They give you blurry, inconsistent vision and a smudged or glaring view of the world. And no-one wants the red-eye look.

Until now dry eye management has been about eye drops, hot compresses, and eye wipes. These help, but the routine is hard to keep up with, and for many of our clients, it’s simply not enough. And it all gets worse with age.

So it’s great news that technology has finally come to the rescue. Our brand new state-of-the-art RexonEye QMR dry eye machine gives you access to a totally new dry eye treatment. And guess what? It really does work, and it’s easy to manage.

How does it work?

The RexonEye machine uses gentle vibrations to stimulate your eyelid cells, boosting their metabolism and reviving them. The result? Reduced inflammation and a boost in the quality and quantity of your tears. Your eyes will not only feel fantastic but also look healthier. And your nicely lubricated eyes will enhance the quality and stability of your vision and tone down the glare.
The best part? This treatment is entirely safe and a really relaxing experience – think of it as a spa treatment, but for your eyes.

What is the treatment plan like?

Our RexonEye treatment spans over four appointments, each separated by a week. After these sessions, you’ll pop in once a year for a 60-minute appointment including a RexonEye treatment to ensure that your eyes stay happy and healthy.

For more details about the RexonEye QMR technology read our patient leaflet, check out their website or you can read more in this PubMed article.

Are you ready to wave goodbye to your dry eye troubles and say hello to comfortable, clear vision? At CI Optometrists, we can’t wait to help you see the world through happier eyes! Call us on 01243 532080 to book an appointment.


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