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Feb31st is an Italian-based brand founded by three entrepreneurs with a vision to create frames with the planet in mind. This ethos has created a beautiful collection of wooden frames that are completely eco-friendly.

Each pair of glasses is made to order, making the brand both economically sustainable as well as ethically sound. With no inventory, Feb31st has recognised the global issue of wasting resources and has eliminated this from its products and manufacturing process. As well as reducing waste, this system of made to order craftsmanship produces frames that are exactly unique to you. No two people will ever have exactly the same frame!

Made from thirteen layers of wood, customers can choose any colour combination and size they wish and also have the option to add on any engraving or additional nose pieces.

The Feb31st collection includes frames made from the ancient New Zealand Kauri wood. This particular wood is over 48,000 years old, dating back to the end of the last Ice Age and had been buried underground preserved in the peat swamps of New Zealand before its recent discovery. We are excited to be giving people the opportunity to wear eyewear that is part of history.

Whether you are looking for a quirky, bright coloured pair of frames or a more subtle, basic pair, you are bound to feel confident in any Feb31st frames knowing they are entirely eco-friendly.

“Of course we are dedicated to sustainable production but it goes far deeper than that. We believe that if you are to alter the beauty of nature, to turn it into something different, then you should invest time, skill and passion to really do it justice.”

Stefano Sarti Cipriani.

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