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Maui Jim

Maui Jim originated in 1980 as a small company based in Hawaii and has become the fastest growing premium polarized sunglasses manufacturer in the world. Maui Jim sunglasses were developed to fulfil the needs of local surfers and water sports enthusiasts. Their top quality polarized sun lenses have become internationally renowned with a cult following. Maui Jim sunglasses look casually stylish whilst combating intense glare and blocking 100% of harmful UV. Their unique patented PolarizedPlus2® lens design enhances the brilliance of colours and the clarity of your vision. Characteristics of their PolarizedPlus2® technology include;

  • A waterproof and oil repellent coating. This sheds water and snow and repels grease, making smudges and finger prints easier to wipe off.
  • An anti-reflective treatment. This blocks reflected light and annoying glare from behind to provide a clear view and eliminate eye fatigue.
  • Clearshell® scratch-resistant treatment.
  • Colour enhancing filter. This balances and increases the richness of colours naturally perceived by the eye. Instead of dimming the light, Maui lenses boost the level of contrast and depth perception to unbelievable levels.
  • Polarizing film. Eliminates reflected glare from any flat, smooth or shiny surface for a cleaner, crisper view.
  • Bi-Gradient. Blocks overhead and reflected glare via a protective mirror at the top and bottom of the lens.

Ideally suited to a diverse range of sports including golf, sailing, tennis and cycling, Maui Jim sunglasses are also perfect for everyday lifestyle needs such as driving. Low sun in winter can be especially troublesome when driving and Maui Jim lenses are highly effective in these conditions.

Maui Jim sunglasses are available with or without prescription lenses including ready to wear Maui Readers, perfect for reading in the sun.

See colours spring to life with Maui Jim sunglasses. Try them on at Claudine Ickeringill Opticians, Chichester and be amazed by their effect.