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Introducing Orgreen, the all metal brand designed to last.

Established in Copenhagen in 1997, Orgreen Optics was founded with a clear aim: to design strong and timeless frames with guaranteed quality processes. Since then, using only the best materials, Orgreen have become a premium eyewear brand known for their meticulous approach to quality manufacture.

Both optical frames and sunglasses by Orgreen are made with precious metals; titanium and beta-titanium. Both these metals have been chosen specifically for their ability to withstand the high intensity of modern everyday life.

Collections begin as concepts, developed in their home country of Denmark. They are then made by hand in Japan, a country respected for high standards and irrefutable quality. To create just one frame can take up to 6 months, with sometimes more than 100 separate manufacturing processes.

Colour is part of the DNA of Orgreen. Their expressive colour range transforms and compliments the metallic appearance of titanium. All colours are created in one of the world’s leading colour labs in Japan with bespoke development. Most frames have two-tone colour finishes, one colour on the inside and one on the outside. Matt finishes allow the use of strong colours which look cool and give an industrial masculine look. Since 1997, their colour pallette has grown to over 400 different hues, enabling the wearer to find a frame that reflects their personality in an understated way.

Orgreen Optics were inspired by the values set in the fifties and sixties by internationally acclaimed designers such as Arne Jacobsen and Louis Poulsen who strived to achieve innovation, quality and minimalism with clean lines. Whilst remaining true to these inspirations, Orgreen designs have been updated with small twists of 21st century culture.

Jumping on trending fashions is not the Orgreen way, instead they remain true to designs with a proven success over the years. This creates a timeless range which stands proud with confidence. Wearers can feel assured of a high finish and professional style which will see them through any season or trend.

Trust in Danish design and find a frame or pair of sunglasses built for longevity and quiet confidence with Orgreen Optics.