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Dry Eye Service

What is dry eye?

Dry eye disease and blepharitis are general terms for a range of issues with the eyelids and the outer surface of the eye that cause redness, soreness, blurred, inconsistent vision and sometimes excessive watering of the eyes.

Why is it a problem?

It can cause irritation that in some cases can dramatically affect your quality of life. It also causes blurred and inconsistent vision causing smeariness and glare as well as cosmetic issues with the eyelids as they look red and sore


What do we do at CI Optometrists?

The Traditional management of dry eye has always been eye drops, hot compresses and eye wipes. This can really help but is difficult to comply with and for many clients is not enough. At CI Optometrists we now offer a comprehensive in practice treatment service centred on our new state of the art RexonEye QMR dry eye machine.

What is Rexon Eye and QMR?

This amazing technology gently vibrates the cells of your eyelids, kickstarting the cells’ metabolism and reactivating the cell itself. This reduces inflammation within your eye and improves the quality and quantity of the production of your tears. Making your eyes feel better and look better. It can also improve the quality and stability of your vision and reduce glare. The treatment is totally safe and feels absolutely great. It’s like a spa treatment for your eyes.

How the service works

Our RexonEye treatment is set over 4 appointments at weekly intervals.

60 minute initial appointments:
– We take a detailed history about your eyes
and general health to help us understand
more about you and your eyes.
– We run through a survey to help us grade
the severity of your dry eye. We then take detailed clinical measurement to benchmark and understand the type of dry eye you are suffering from. You then get your first 20 minute RexonEye treatment.
– We then set up your treatment plan and discuss any at home products to use to supplement your treatment.

2nd and 3rd appointments:
– Your 40 minute follow up appointments will be at weekly intervals. Each one with a 20 minute RexonEye treatment. Relax on our super comfortable reclining chair with your chosen music on in the background.

Final appointment
– Your 60 minute final appointment will include your last RexonEye treatment.
– We then take final measurements to check progress against the benchmarks. -We revisit the questionnaire to check progress.
-We finalise an ongoing treatment plan for you to maintain the progress made.

Ongoing Care
You then return for a yearly 60 minute appointment including a RexonEye treatment to maintain the progress made by the treatment.

For more information have a look at the company’s website:

Also read this pub med article on the efficacy of the RexonEye.