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Lindberg kids

Danish design Lindberg kids, incorporates all the key features of Lindberg Optic frames, with an emphasis on extreme flexibility and strength. Lindberg kids frames look stylish without dominating the face.

The ultra-lightweight air rim collection is made from a special type of titanium also used for pacemakers and in dental applications. The titanium wire is nickel-free and so naturally hypoallergenic. Air rim frames are designed for longevity and show remarkable resilience to children’s every day rough and tumble challenges. There is a unique absence of screws in the construction which minimises maintenance and enhances reliability. The soft nose pads are made of medical silicone with a hard plastic core and can be adjusted to fit individual nose shapes for optimum comfort.

Available in many shapes and in an array of colours, from neutrals to vibrant shades, Claudine Ickeringill Opticians can help you find the perfect frame solution for your child. Visit us in store for an insight into the world of Lindberg Kids.