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10/06/21A more individual service – Introducing the new DNEye scanner

Everyones eyes are different. In fact your eyes are as individual as your fingerprints. 

Your eyes vary not just in the prescription but also in small differences in the shape of the eye. It is these small differences or ‘higher order aberrations’ that can reduce the clarity of detailed tasks or cause glare when driving at night.  

At Claudine Ickeringill Optometrists we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of personal service. We are delighted to announce that at your next visit, you will find that service has stepped up even further.

Following your next ocular examination, our experienced Dispensing Opticians will be able to use our new Rodenstock DNEye scanner to digitally scan the exact shape of your eye. The biometric measurements enable us to tailor each lens to your eyes correcting both your prescription and the more subtle imperfections (higher order aberrations) not correctable with conventional lenses. 

This will improve clarity, reduce glare when driving at night and sharpen your vision further for detailed tasks, maximising your personal visual potential.

Technology is not a replacement for the skill and experience of our professional staff and will never change our commitment to knowing you and your eyecare needs. But this new technology will make your next glasses even better and our service to your unique eyes even more personalised.

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