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Oakley sunglasses are our first choice for an active lifestyle.

Founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard, a Californian Motorcross enthusiast, the company began by selling motorcycle grips. Today, many design features in Oakley sunglasses derive from that original motorbike technology. Most of Oakley’s innovative designs have been developed with extensive athlete input and testing in the field, often to extreme conditions. In endorsement of their rugged and highly protective characteristics, their sunglasses are supplied to the U.S. military as Standard Issue.

Key to their sports eyewear range is their leading lens technology, Oakley Prizm. Prizm lenses are tuned to create a more vivid, vibrant world. Through the use of specialist dyes, Oakley has been able to block certain colours of light at certain wavelengths on the light spectrum. This effectively increases contrast and decreases glare specific to your environment, your sport, or both. The extra contrast makes colours pop, things become easier to see and details are easier to pick out. There is a tailored Prizm lens for many different sporting activities including rowing, snow sports, cricket and mountain biking. Prizm lenses are made from Plutonite, a high grade polycarbonate which is highly impact resistant, keeping eyes protected from balls, stones, dust & debris. Prizm lenses aren’t just for sports! Prizm Every Day gives a colour boosting experience that can be worn more casually. Those who require prescription lenses can also enjoy Prizm technology subject to the available power range.

As a result of their excellence in lenses and frame technology, Oakley sunglasses are favoured by top sportsmen and women. Brand ambassadors include cyclists Mark Cavendish, Bubba Watson, Chris Froome and Valentino Rossi. Sky Sports and Movistar cycling teams have also chosen Oakley as their brand partner.

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