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At CI Optometrists our priority is to create a supportive ongoing relationship with our clients. This allows us to look after your eyes in the best way possible and make recommendations that really make a positive impact on your life. We are dedicated to providing you with eyecare, glasses and contact lenses of the very highest quality.

Our CI Club is an important part of this.

Joining the CI Club means in exchange for a small monthly direct debit you get all of your eyecare covered, including all of your routine appointments and any emergency eyecare you may need. This allows us to use our state of the art technology and expertise to offer complete ongoing cover for all of your eyes health needs as well as giving you the peace of mind.

Additionally you benefit from significant discounts on glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. This gives you access to our best in class products for the best price possible.

This is definitely one club that you will get great benefits from joining.

If you would like more information then call us on 01243 532080 or email