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Anne et Valentin

Anne et Valentin’s sole existence is due to Anne and Valentin, a couple who have spent the last thirty years nurturing and expanding their brand from the company headquarters in Toulouse, France.

Valentin a neo-hippie optician, in partnership with Anne drawing their first designs, launched their first collection in 1984, simply named Anne et Valentin. From day one, rather than trying to adapt the customer to a frame, Anne et Valentin opt for a deeper comprehension of who their customers are – how they move, live and think- in order to find for each, the perfect frame , dedicated to the customer’s unique personality.

All their creations are original, colourful and lively but above all, they are objects that combine ergonomics, technical requirements and respect for those who wear them.

Manufacturing is undertaken in the Jura region of France. Once the frames have been cut from sheets of acetate they proceed through another 30 steps before the finished product is achieved.

The outstanding quality and unusual surface cuts in Anne&Valentin’s frames result from a long, precise and detailed manufacturing process.

We are also delighted to be stockists of the Anne&Valentin kids range, Superkids!

If you are looking for a frame with original design flair and maybe some colour, try Anne&Valentin at Claudine Ickeringill Opticians, Chichester.