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Face a face

Face a Face began in 1995 when a small group of French eyewear lovers led by Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth came together with a philosophy to produce a brand that expressed character and modernism. By taking their inspiration from architecture, international fashion and contemporary design, Face a Face eyewear produced a unique genre of combining, elite craftsmanship with abstract artistic design. All frames are manufactured in the Jura region of France by experienced craftsmen, many of whom are also employed by the Swiss watch making industry. Every collection is special, designed to express the individual personality of each wearer making it memorable and captivating. Sensual shapes and audacious colours create eyewear which surpasses functional purpose and enters into a sculptural dimension.

The Alium series belongs in the avant-garde of men’s eyewear. The frame fronts are cut in aluminium, a metal twice as light as titanium. The finish and colour palettes are contemporary, strong and masculine, ranging from satin, ultra matt and rubber to metallic. The flex temples confer both a unique elasticity and a soft but firm fit. The result is outstanding comfort in high-tech frames for the modern man.

For women looking for originality with a sense of fun, the Bocca collection is sure to delight. The sides are designed in the shape of a pair of legs adorned with shoes, boots and tights. Bocca offers an array of styles with quirky themes inspired by fashions over the decades.

Face a Face produce only 16 frames per hour and every frame takes at least 2 weeks to make. All acetate frames have hand cut bridges. They are then barrel polished for 1 week and finally hand polished to give the most pristine gloss and silky finish. This meticulous manufacturing process is a rarity in today’s world of mass production and the result is a frame collection of exceptionally high quality.

To embellish everyday life, to contribute to personal wellbeing, to catch the trends of the present time, such is the Face a Face spirit. If this captures your spirit, come and discover the collection at Claudine Ickeringill Opticians, Chichester!