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Rodenstock Lenses

Rodenstock logoThe foundations for Rodenstock were laid in 1877 when Josef Rodenstock opened his workshop for optical lenses, frames, barometers, and measuring instruments in Würzburg, Germany. By 1880 he had developed his first patented products and in the new millennium, the ophthalmic products company quickly developed from a small tradesman shop into a modern industrial enterprise. Today, Rodenstock is a highly-respected manufacturer of top quality ophthalmic products across Europe, having established itself in 12 different countries.

Years of research have allowed Rodenstock to develop innovative technologies and perfect lens designs to the highest level. Unique materials, precision grinding and specialised lens coatings are integral to their portfolio.

Rodenstock Impression BIG exact are individualised progressive lenses designed to give each and every varifocal lens wearer spontaneous visual ease and comfort across a range of distances. This specialist varifocal lens takes into consideration the biometrics of the whole, individual eye. This includes the length and thousands of data points which seeks precision beyond normal industry standards. Using our specialist measurement equipment, we use exact eye modelling software to channel very specific individual details into the lens production progress, ensuring the sharpest vision at every angle and gaze wherever the wearer is to look. By using Big Exact, you can expect up to 40% sharper vision at near and intermediate distances, increased brain support thanks to sharper vision and an 8.5° wider field of sharp vision at near.

Rodenstock offer the Ergo 2 family of intermediate/near visionErgo PC Design Rodenstock lenses which are designed specifically for indoor office distances and provide relaxation to your eyes that you can notice immediately. These lenses provide ease of focus on a book, screen and across a table. The Ergo® Book near comfort lenses provide optimally large visual zones for up to 90 cm, acting as an enhanced reader. In contrast, the Ergo® PC design provides an unrestricted field of vision when working at your PC in an area of up to 1.20 metres. Ergo® 2 lenses provide a modern, flexible alternative to reading glasses with fast, easy adaptation.

Discover clarity with Rodenstock lenses, available at Claudine Ickeringill Opticians, Chichester.