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1105_carl_zeiss_logo_web_338x338With over 160 years experience as one of the global leaders in the fields of optics and opto-electronics, Carl Zeiss ensure the ultimate precision in all its products. Solutions from Zeiss are used worldwide in diverse applications including astronomy, aeronautics, radiotherapy treatment, cinematics and microchips. Wherever high precision is a must, measuring systems and software solutions from Zeiss contribute to ensure maximum standards of quality. Airplanes become safer, cars faster, and wind turbines more efficient.

Since 1912, Zeiss have been employing their optical expertise in the manufacture of high quality, ophthalmic lenses. zeiss website image 2Carl Zeiss Vision provides all spectacle wearers the opportunity for optimum vision, comfort and aesthetically pleasing lenses. Zeiss spectacle lenses guarantee excellent wearer tolerance, maximum quality and exceed the high demands of consumers every time. With a promise of the most precise optics,  a discrete “z” mark is engraved on
every lens as a guarantee of quality.

Varifocal Lenses

Zeiss Progressive Smartlife range represents the highest level of technical quality for varifocal wearers. With the individualised lenses, varifocal wearers achieve the widest uncompromised visual zones, edge-to-edge from near to far. As a consequence, vision at all distances is natural and comfortable. This lens design is custom-made for the individual by using facial parameters to take additional specialised measurements. As well as providing the ultimate visual performance, the Individualised lens is available in the thinnest and most light materials to provide optimum cosmetic appearance.

Single Vision Lenses

For single vision spectacle wearers, we recommend their Single Vision Smartlife Single Vision range. These lenses allow for critical precision and the best optical performance at near or far with large clear fields. These lenses minimise peripheral distortion allowing clear, sharp vision over the entire lens. This provides all round, top quality optics with minimal optical aberrations. Zeiss lenses are available in a wide power range to suit most prescriptions and is particularly well suited to people with moderate to high astigmatism.

Specialised Coatings

Zeiss Vision Care has developed premium coatings to harmonise with their optical excellence in prescription lenses.

zeiss website image 1Zeiss DuraVision Platinum is the top tier anti-reflection coating that reduces unsightly and distracting reflections that naturally occur on the front and back surface of spectacle lenses.  Most modern lenses include an anti-reflective coating but the quality of the coating makes a real difference. Duravision Platinum is composed of 9 ultra-thin layers resulting in an ultra-hard lens surface with a super-slick clean coat for easy cleaning. The multi-layer system provides first rate anti-reflective properties and includes a patented anti-static layer for improved dirt resistance. By eliminating distracting reflections Duravision Platinum provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance to your spectacle lenses. Thanks to the superior clarity, wearers experience clearer, more comfortable vision.

Zeiss Drivesafe LensesA recent introduction to the Zeiss Portfolio is the DuraVision DriveSafe lens designed specifically for those who struggle with glare when driving in low light conditions such as rain, dusk or at night. This lens partially reflects visually disturbing wavelengths from car headlights with Xenon or LED technology, reducing perceived glare.

Whatever your needs, the Zeiss portfolio has a solution.

Claudine Ickeringill Opticians, Chichester is proud to be a stockist of the prestigious Zeiss lens range. Let us find the perfect solution for you in their portfolio.