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Cubs by Wolf Eyewear

Introducing Cubs by Wolf Eyewear, the brand for kids who just want to have fun. The range was created by independent business owners Margaret and Ian Wolfenden in 2009 who wanted to bring more expression into children’s eyewear. We were drawn to Cubs because of their refined designs that are fun and young without overpowering small faces.

An outstanding feature of the collection is the attention to bridge design. In young children, the bridge of the nose is not yet fully developed and they require a different fitting to an adult. So many brands are simply scaled down adult frames. As a consequence, their frame slips down their nose and children end up looking over the top of their lenses. Cubs are specifically designed to avoid this and ensure the lenses are well positioned in front of the eyes.

Cubs design functional, quality eyewear that children love and can grow up in. Though many of their frames are vibrant and colourful they offer a variety of designs to suit a wide span of ages, from the first days of school right up to the teenage years. By keeping an eye on trending fashions, Cubs give young people the opportunity to keep up with the latest styles and feel confident in their glasses.

Cubs by Wolf Eyewear understand that kids enjoy outdoor play which can be harsh on specs. Strong materials such as titanium, stainless steel and acetate reinforce the frames giving them durability and longevity without compromising on weight. Even better, this quality first approach is available at an affordable cost. Cubs by Wolf Eyewear are great value!

Wolf Eyewear is built on an ethical ethos which believes in supporting local, small businesses. Their distribution is limited to independent opticians only. We are proud to be a part of this shop local scheme and support another small independent business at the same time.

Discover Cubs by Wolf Eyewear in store to find a frame for your little one that is properly on point!