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Contact Lenses

At CI Optometrists we are passionate about giving you the best options for your vision. If you find glasses cumbersome or are looking for freedom, then we can offer and fit contact lenses to suit your visual requirements. We offer our clients the most up to date contact lenses available to achieve the optimum in comfort and visual clarity.

Practice Owner Joseph Seaman is our primary contact lens specialist as this is a personal interest of his. Any questions you might have about your vision and whether contact lenses would work to you, he would be happy to consult you for a discussion.

We use the best and most up to date brands for our contact lens patients, these include Coopervision, Johnson and Johnson and Alcon as the big brands of contact lenses. We are able to prescribe contact lenses which are changed daily or monthly, in a wide range of prescriptions including those with astigmatism or multifocal requirements. Joseph is also able to fit RGP contact lenses from No7 for those who still wear them.

If you would like to book a contact lens fitting appointment or would like any advice on contact lenses at all, please call the practice on 01243 532080 and we will be happy to assist you.