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16/08/16Zeiss – NEWS

Zeiss has extended it’s polarised lens offering with the introduction of new thin and light polarised lenses in a range of tint colours.

Patient benefits include reduced glare and light reflections and 100% UV protection in cosmetically pleasing lenses. The extended range of SkyPol tints by Zeiss enhance colour and contrast for the wearer. Colours look much brighter and more vivid. SkyPol fun is a contrast enhancing tint for moderate light conditions and is recommended for outdoor, sporting activities involving water. SkyPol Road features a special blue attenuator which removes the scattered blue light that overlays all colours, making it a good solution for driving. SkyPol Sport is recommended for extreme light conditions where there is strong sunshine and glare as in skiing or playing water sports.

Why Choose Polarisation?

Light reflected from horizontal surfaces can create discomfort glare which ordinary sunglasses do not eliminate. Polarised lenses block horizontally reflected light, reducing glare and improves visual comfort in the sun. The polarisation filter in SkyPol ensures that this reflected light is not let through. Distracting reflections from wet surfaces encountered when boating, fishing or driving on a wet road into the sun are almost eliminated.

Patient Benefits:

  • Polarising filter against irritating reflections
  • Optimised glare protection
  • 100% solar UV protection
  • Light and comfortable to wear
  • Attractive range of colours
  • Visible hallmark of ZEISS quality

Polarised Lenses Driving






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