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14/02/17New Brand Alert – Persol Sunglasses!

Fresh for 2017, we are pleased to present in store the Persol sunglasses collection.

Combining the best of design and technology, Persol eyewear is uniquely identifiable by it’s iconic silver trademark on the temples, the silver arrow.

The focus of the current collection is a reinvention of the classic series first introduced in the 1950s and 60s. We have selected some new styles which have evolved from the legendary icons. These classic shapes feature lighter and thinner profiles than their predecessors, creating a contemporary style that is comfortable and easy to wear.

The 649 Series

The 649 series was originally designed in 1957 for Turin tram-drivers. It has since evolved from it’s Persol Sunglasses 649 Seriesfunctional beginnings to become a legend in Italian style. Persol owes their projection into the
limelight to Marcello Mastroianni, who wore the 649 in the 1961 movie, Divorce Italian Style.


The 714 Series

Following on from the success of the 649, Persol introduced the first ever folding sunglasses. This marked the launch of the 714 series. These sunglasses are a folding version of the original 649 model and require 10 additional manufacturing steps in comparison to the non-folding counterpart. The 714 owes it’s fame to Steve McQueen who wore the sunglasses in The Thomas Crown Affair. He then went on to wear this style in Persol Sunglasses 714 Series Chichesterother films such as The Getaway and it became his personal favourite in his private life. The folding 714 is now offered in a lighter, slimmer design to give it a present-day feel whilst retaining it’s iconic shape.



Persol combines the best of old and new in their latest collection of sunglasses. Whilst retaining their high quality and superior technical features, Persol continue to express their innovative spirit and drive to deliver the best.

Heralding a new version for a new generation. The Persol timeless classics have been reinvented for 2017. Come and discover the latest releases from the Persol sunglasses collection in store at Claudine Ickeringill Opticians, Chichester.



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