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10/02/15Get into the groove with Vinylize!

Claudine Ickeringill Opticians is excited to present a new collection: Vinylize Eyewear!

Vinylize Eyewear ChichesterVinylize is a totally unique brand of eyewear made in Budapest, using old vinyl records.

The idea began when Zachary, the company owner, noticed his father’s old record collection in the corner of their garage. A sudden inspiration, Zachary thought why not recycle these into eyewear.

In 2004 this epiphany became a reality when Zachary and brother Zoltan opened Tipton Eyeworks and began making Vinylize eyewear.

Vinylize: the making of a modern legend

Vinylize Eyewear ChichesterEvery frame is made using carefully selected vinyl to ensure the best quality.

After the vinyl has been sorted, a protective layer is applied before being fused with cellulose acetate. This acetate is vintage wherever possible to add to the look.

Heat, pressure and adhesive are simultaneously applied to bind the materials together which are then machined into a frame. To complete the process the frames are tumbled with wooden cubes for 72 hours to make them smooth and shiny.

Assembled frames are finally hand polished one by one. This precise manufacturing process means that only 65 pieces are made for each model making each Vinylize frame a limited edition.

Take a look at this video to witness the transformation from vinyl record to frame!


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