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08/05/17TD Tom Davies – Now in store

We are excited to announce that we are now stockists of TD Tom Davies luxury eyewear!TD Tom Davies Logo

Tom Davies created his own brand in 2001 and is now celebrating 15 years as one of Britain’s leading bespoke eyewear brands. Highlighting his success, in April this year, Tom was selected as one of 2017’s Visionaries in Telegraph Luxury. From the beginning Tom’s prestigious handmade spectacle frames have been produced using the highest quality materials by the most skilled craftsmen. This meticulous approach to eyewear design has earned him respect and status the world over.

Ed Sheeran wearing Tom Davies Horn glassesThis great British brand is endorsed by many celebrities, including Ed Sheeran and Heston Blumenthal who are both known for their iconic spectacles. Kristen Stewart, Angelina Jolie, Matthew Bellamy, Rowan Atkinson and Kevin Spacey are all dedicated wearers of the TD brand. In the 2016 movie Allied, Brad Pitt can be seen wearing a Tom Davies frame as his character Max Vatan.



Henry Cavill Superman Dawn of JusticeTD Tom Davies specialises in making spectacle frames for people with unique requirements. No face shape, bridge size or temple length is too challenging for Tom Davies Customisable Eyewear. The glasses Henry Cavill wears as Clark Kent in Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice are made by Tom Davies, who was specially sought out for the job. The costume designer found most glasses sat too high on Henry Cavill’s face because he has a high bridge. As a consequence, Tom was commissioned to create a customised frame, specifically to fit Superman! We are excited to be able to offer the same bespoke service to our clients in store.

Tom Davies Natural Horn South England


In addition, we are one of a few select stockists outside London offering the Tom Davies Natural Horn range. By using natural horn, Tom Davies has made great use of a sustainable material that may otherwise be wasted. The horn is smooth and silky to touch and soft in colour. No two frames are the same, every piece has it’s own individuality.

We are delighted that our clients now have the opportunity to acquire a frame which can be customised to fit perfectly from a choice of the highest quality materials. Visit us in store at 4 New Town, Chichester to view the TD Tom Davies Ready-To-Wear, TD Customised and Natural Horn Collection.

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