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11/08/15Carl Zeiss Vision – New Drivesafe Lenses

Carl Zeiss Drivesafe Chichester

Inspiring the world to see things that were invisible before, Zeiss set the pace with their innovative products.

Solutions from Zeiss are used worldwide in diverse applications including microchips, radiotherapy treatment, cinematics and high quality binoculars. Wherever high precision is a must, measuring systems and software solutions contribute to ensure maximum standards of quality. Airplanes become safer, cars faster, and wind turbines more efficient.zeiss drivesafe website image 2

As one of the global leaders in the fields of optics and opto-electronics, both optometrists and patients benefit from their leading-edge technologies. Around the globe, two people per second decide to purchase spectacle lenses from Zeiss.

Zeiss actively responds to evolving trends and arising visual needs. Whether you need thin lenses, light lenses, correction for special distances or special filters or treatments to increase visual comfort: Zeiss always has a solution. A recent introduction to the Portfolio is Zeiss DriveSafe technology. Zeiss DriveSafe lenses are specifically designed for spectacle wearers who want to feel more comfortable when driving in low light and poor weather conditions. The DuraVision DriveSafe coating partially reflects visually disturbing wavelengths from car headlights with Xenon or LED technology, reducing perceived glare.

zeiss drivesafe digital lensWith its focus firmly on the future and responding to modern everyday needs, Zeiss Vision Care offers varifocal wearers the Progressive Precision Superb. No two faces are alike, every nose, every ear is different. The Progressive Precision Superb is precisely fitted to individual physiological parameters of the face allowing the full potential of 3D vision with improved depth perception.  Benefits include fast and effortless adaptation, and strain-free sharp vision when reading print or viewing digital devices.

Carl Zeiss Vision provides all spectacle wearers the opportunity for optimum vision, comfort and aesthetically pleasing lenses. A driving force for perfection propels Zeiss to new heights of excellence.

Discover the lens portfolio at Claudine Ickeringill Optometrists, Chichester and see things you couldn’t see before.


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