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31/10/19Keep your glasses X-tra Clean with Rodenstock lenses

Are your glasses always dirty? We hear you! Dirty lenses have been a lifelong frustration for spectacle wearers and we don’t blame them, who wants to clean their specs every 10 minutes? Keeping your glasses clean is the best way to keep them looking great and you seeing clearly. Cloths and cleaners are always in our pockets and handbags but sometimes keeping our spectacle lenses clean can be a tedious battle….until now!

To date, anti-reflection and scratch resistant coatings have done their best to keep dirt from sticking to lenses but none have provided a solution. Rodenstock heard the pleas of many and have created a new high-tech coating technology named X-tra Clean. It does exactly what you’d expect and helps your lenses resist daily smudges and smuts helping them stay  “X-tra” clean. An important secondary benefit is that they are twice as scratch-resistant as conventional anti-reflection coated lenses, improving their durability to wear and tear.

With the new X-tra Clean Finish, Rodenstock has set a new standard in Ophthalmic lens products. The extremely smooth and slippery surface means that dirt hardly sticks and if the lens does get dirty, it can easily be removed without leaving any streaks or residue. Gone are those frustrations getting that last smear off!

Of course we still recommend keeping your cleaning cloth handy, and micro-fibre cloths are best. These can be washed in your washing machine but make sure you leave out the fabric softener to maintain their micro-fibre properties. If you’ve lost your cloth we’ll be happy to give you a fresh one and if your glasses have really had a bad day, you can always drop them into us for an ultrasonic deep clean!

Until 31st December 2019, you can enjoy X-tra clean lenses at no extra charge as we are offering a free upgrade from the standard Rodenstock anti-reflection coating, subject to availability in your prescription. So ditch those troublesome glasses and treat yourself to a new pair with dirt-resistant lenses! Ask us in store for more details.


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