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05/01/21Shop local, shop British in 2021

So 2021 has arrived, and whilst it’s not off to the best start, this is a time to reflect and reaffirm our values, with positive thoughts to the year further ahead.

We are proud to be one of Chichester’s many small and independent businesses, supported by a wonderful community of loyal clients, many of whom after so many years, we count as our friends.

Since the onset of the pandemic, our awareness for shopping locally has come to the forefront and likewise, as a business we strive to support independent British brands.

With this in mind we’d like to highlight our favourite British eyewear designers and inspire you to kick off the new year with a new frame to refresh your look for 2021!  In keeping with our ethic for supporting sustainability and quality in fashion, we’ve picked Cutler and Gross and Tom Davies eyewear for their exemplary craftsmanship and frames that can be worn, kept and loved for years to come.

Cutler and Gross

Great British Design

For iconic British design, we have to choose London based, Cutler and Gross. Their highly respected creative director, Marie Wilkinson designs the frames and sunglasses in liaison with craftsmen in Italy where they are handmade in their own factory. It takes 6 weeks and 42 intricate steps to produce a pair of Cutler and Gross frames. From polishing to fitting the hinges, every step is done by hand, see how they do it in the video below. Their classic designs have been worn famously across the decades since their beginnings in Knightsbridge in 1969. We are proud to be part of their cult following and we love to try them on our customers old and new alike!

Tom Davies

Made In England

For everyday comfort and made-to-measure fit, we love Tom Davies eyewear. All Tom Davies frames are designed by Tom himself in the creative lab of his London factory, where all of his acetate collections are manufactured by hand. Tom Davies makes stylish yet functional eyewear with meticulous craftsmanship, principles that we firmly support!

So when you’re ready for a new frame, take a look at these great brands for inspiration. Stay healthy and keep positive, there are better times ahead.  Let’s make 2021 the year for shopping local and supporting independent British brands.


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