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07/07/20Are your glasses steaming up with PPE?

Like us, we are sure many of you who work with PPE are having problems with your glasses steaming up. We are excited to have discovered an anti-fog lens that truly works! Shamir Glacier Anti-Fog lenses have a back surface anti-reflection coating that resists fogging up without the need for activation with a cloth or spray.

Shamir Anti-Fog technology was originally designed to suit the needs of athletes who struggled with their glasses steaming up. In the current pandemic, with so many of us wearing PPE and experiencing the same problem, Shamir have extended this technology to their generic lenses.

This innovative technology uses an integral inner coating on the rear lens surfaces to prevent the build-up of steam on the lens. Occupations that may find this product useful would include medical professionals, hairdressers and anyone who is now working in PPE

We know there are many products on the market, claiming to have anti-fog properties and their performance is often disappointing. We have tried this lens for ourselves in practice and highly recommend it. Here is Joseph demonstrating the lenses in action.

If you can relate to this problem, give us a call on 01243 532080 for more information.


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