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20/10/15The solution for stressed eyes – Multigressiv Ergo® 2 by Rodenstock

Multigressiv Ergo Office LensesMultigressiv Ergo 2 by Rodenstock are intermediate/near vision lenses, designed for office environments. In the workplace, it is often necessary to focus on a monitor, desk and colleagues at different distances. With age it becomes more strenuous for your eyes to adjust to these variable focusing distances. As a consequence, the body makes subconscious changes to posture to ease visual difficulties which often can result in tense necks and shoulders. RODENSTOCK office lenses offload stressed eyes as well as physiological discomfort. By focusing on the near and intermediate ranges, Multigressiv Ergo 2 lenses provide up to 40% better vision in these zones.

Multigressiv Ergo 2 lenses are available in several variations dependent upon workplace and individual requirements. The Ergo® Book near comfort lenses provide optimally large visual zones for up to 90 cm, acting as an enhanced reader. The Ergo Book design lenses provide greater depth of focus than a conventional single vision reading lens allowing flexibility at working distances. This thereby ensures fatigue-free work when reading, doing handicrafts or using digital devices. In contrast, the Ergo® PC design provides an unrestricted field of vision when working at your PC in an area of up to 1.20 metres. These lenses give a narrow area of mid-range viewing at the top of the lens, allowing the wearer to see across a desk whilst still providing the wider area for near vision.

For users of electronic devices, Rodenstock can offer a specialised anti-reflection coating, Solitaire Protect Balance 2. Rodenstock Multigressiv ErgoThis is designed to reduce blue light by reflecting it away from the eyes. The light emitted from monitors, tablets and smart phones has an unnaturally high proportion of blue light that can strain the eyes and even result in uneasy sleep. Solitaire Protect Balance 2 reduces the excessive amount of artificial blue light whilst allowing the good light through.

Office glasses with Multigressiv Ergo® 2 lenses provide relaxation to your eyes that you can notice immediately. These lenses provide a modern, versatile alternative with fast, easy adaptation.

Rest your eyes with the Multigressiv Ergo® 2 by Rodenstock, available at Claudine Ickeringill Optometrists, Chichester.


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