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26/01/16Snow Sports Eyewear To Hit The Slopes

Protect your eyes from dangerous UV with eyewear for snow sports

Whilst we are all aware of the physical risks of injury with snow sports, we often forget that our eyes also need
protection. In the mountains, the atmopshere is thinner so the levels of UV radiation are higher than at sea level. Snow can reflect almost 90% of UV radiation, leaving your skin and your eyes exposed to potential damage. “Snow Blindness” or ocular sunburn can occur if the cornea is overexposed to ultra-violet rays. Whilst symptoms may not be immediate, after several hours exposure to the winter sun, ocular sunburn presents itself as extreme pain in the eyes accompanied by acute light sensitivity known as photophobia. For these reasons, it is essential that you choose the appropriate ski glasses or goggles to protect your eyes during your winter sports holiday.

Tips for best protection

  • Ensure you choose lenses with 100% UV protectionMarja Persson in Adidas Eyewear
  • Choose wrap around sunglasses to give a wide field of vision and protect the skin around the eyes
  • Make sure your choice is compatible and comfortable with your helmet
  • Rose/Brown tinted lenses offer good all round vision for a variety of conditions
  • Goggles are the preferred choice in harsh weather conditions
  • Check which options are compatible with prescription if necessary

We recommend


Renowned for their high contrast sports specific lenses with high impact resistance. The popular Flakjacket model with Fire Iridium lenses reflects all glare making them the perfect choice for bright sunlight conditions. Oakley Snow goggles 02 are a favourite for their all round versatility.

Oakley FlatjacketOakley Snow Sports Goggle


Frames, lenses and filters from Adidas eyewear combine high end materials and high tech innovations into a functional unit. The perfect combination for the demanding alpine conditions. The Evil Eye Evo Pro has many special features including a climacool ventilation system to discourage fogging, 4 position adjustable nose bridge, and TRIFIT adjustable sides. The quick change lens system allows alternative filters to be fitted easily to suit changing weather conditions.
Adidas Evil Evo ProAdidas LST Bright Evil Eye Evo Pro

Visit us in store for more specific advice and to view our snow sports eyewear collection. Let us help you find the perfect solution to protect your eyes and look stylish on the slopes!


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