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23/04/15It’s a Show-Stopper! – The New 2015 Cutler and Gross Circus Collection

Prepare for a sense of fun, eccentricity and quirkiness as we introduce the Cutler and Gross Circus Collection.

Cutler and Gross Sunglasses ChichesterInspired by vibrant memories of the 1940s classic circus, the new Cutler and Gross 2015 collection reflects a striking sense of individual style.

The round shapes evoke nostalgic memories of the Big Top arena. Influenced by the Cutler and Gross Circus Collection Chichesterprolific circus performers, each piece has a distinctive personality, initiating some fearsome new colour introductions such as Party Leopard, Jade Snake and Ruby Glitter. Dark tortoiseshells, fine acetates, and streaks of dramatic electric blue send shockwaves through the more traditional colourways and materials.

Shot by the internationally acclaimed photographer Platon, the underlying theme of circus celebrates colour, texture and shape. Platon, a cultural provocateur, has formed an inspiring tribute to a beautiful product. Cutler and Gross eyewear empowers you to express your personality through your glasses. Discover this sensational collection in the Circus Collection campaign film and in store at Claudine Ickeringill Optometrists, Chichester.


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