There’s a new kid on the block and they’re urban, stylish and sustainable. Introducing our most eco-friendly brand yet, Neubau Eyewear.

Neubau eyewear is an independent lifestyle eyewear brand offering a wide selection of frames and sunglasses, all designed, developed and manufactured in Austria. The Neubau brand is inspired by creative hubs around the world. Their name pays tribute to Vienna’s Neubau district, a thriving creative community in the heart of the Austrian capital.

Driven by their artistic and innovative minds, Neubau has united contemporary style with innovative design and comprehensive production experience. As a result, Neubau offers lightweight, trendy frames without compromising on quality standards, comfort or materials.

Crucial to their business mission is their dedication to saving the environment. From production to delivery, Neubau has a conscious use of resources, making them one of the most planet-friendly eyewear brands out there. Their eco-friendly glasses frames are made from naturalPX, a specially developed polymer which is manufactured using organically sourced and renewable primary products. In fact, a whopping 65% of this material is based on oil extracted from the seeds of castor oil plants. Due to this unique material, Neubau frames are light in weight, flexible, sturdy AND can be produced in a wide range of colours. It’s a win win for the planet and the wearer.

Their eco-friendly commitment doesn’t end at frame production. Taking a holistic view of the frame journey, they have reduced, reused and recycled as much as possible in their packaging, printing and in-store materials. The Neubau case for all naturalPX frames is manufactured from a cellulose base and relinquishes the need for glue, making them easily recyclable; the cleaning cloth is made from recycled plastic bottles and they are packed in recyclable paper. Even their marketing materials are produced with environmentally friendly resources and minimal waste. Indeed their ethical values extend beyond frame manufacturing to support non-profit projects revitalizing nature in urban environments.

Those seeking an eco-friendly pair of glasses with urban flair need look no further, drop into our store and discover the range. Be urban, be eco, be Neubau.