Inserting Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can give you freedom to carry out all your daily activities without the encumbrance of glasses. Inserting contact lenses can be tricky at first but you will find it gets easier with practice. Following your contact lens fit appointment with us, you will have a “teach” appointment if you are a contact lens beginner or need a refresher on how to insert and/or remove your contact lenses.

Here are our tips and a quick guide on how to easily and safely insert your contact lenses. You can also watch the video below for a visual guide. Always remember to contact your eye care practitioner if you have any eye or contact lens problems.

How to insert your contact lenses

  1. Wash your hands using antibacterial soap and dry them thoroughly
  2. Remove the lens from it’s case using your right index finger for the right lens, and left index finger for the left, then turn it over
  3. Inspect your lens to make sure it is not inside out and doesn’t have any imperfections. Your lens should look like a bowl, if it looks like a saucer then it is inside out
  4. Using your opposite index finger, lift your eyelid
  5. With your middle finger, pull your lower eyelid down
  6. Look straight ahead into the mirror and place the lens onto the coloured part of your eye
  7. Once the contact lens is on your eye, move your index finger away
  8. Look up, left and right to remove any air bubbles from under the lens
  9. Look down then let go of your lower eyelid
  10. Look straight ahead and then slowly release your upper lid
  11. Blink a few times to get comfortable
  12. You’re done!

You can get more information on contact lenses and if they would be suitable for you by contacting us or booking an appointment to see Joseph our contact lens specialist.